Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/25/2020 - 6:30 PM
Category: Resolutions (for Referral to Committee unless Otherwise Indicated)
Type: Action
Subject: 1. Introduction of and Possible Action on Resolution 2021R-004 by Directors Peterson and Taylor on Pro-Equity and Pro-Desegregation
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Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
Policy: Board Rule 1.10 - Communications, Petitions, Resolutions for Referral
Attachments: Resolution 2021R-004 by Directors Peterson and Taylor on Pro-Equity and Pro-Desegregation
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2021R-004 Peterson and Taylor - Pro-Equity Pro-Desegregation.pdf
Background: The following resolution is introduced:
Resolution 2021R-004
By Directors Peterson and Taylor
WHEREAS, There has been a much-needed outpouring of anti-racist sentiment, protests and calls to action in the Milwaukee-metropolitan area and across the world since the horrific police killing of George Floyd; and
WHEREAS, The demands of the protesters and their supporters include massive changes to the operation and funding of police departments, and a call to address white supremacy and institutional racism in all sectors of our society; and
WHEREAS, The Milwaukee Metropolitan area is one of the most hyper-segregated regions in the country; and
WHEREAS, Public schools have been both an arena for defending and expanding democratic rights, and a factor in this country’s persistent institutional racism; and
WHEREAS, The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in 1954 that “separate is inherently unequal” – a decision that spoke to segregated schools but was also integral to the formal death of Jim Crow laws; and
WHEREAS, Our public schools are a fundamental institution in our democracy, with the potential to help create a vibrant multiracial democracy; and
WHEREAS, School segregation, in both race and class, remains a glaring problem throughout the Milwaukee Metropolitan region and;
WHEREAS, The 2018-19 DPI Report Cards, from which the most current student demographics are available, make the segregation in our schools clear:
Milwaukee: 10.5% white (51.5% black, 27.2% Latino, 7.3% Asian,) 82.9% low income;
New Berlin: 80.3% white (1.9% black, 6.1% Latino, 8.5% Asian), 12.2% low income;
Whitefish Bay: 75.9% white (6.4% black, 5.6% Latino, 5.7% Asian), 1.9% low income;
Elmbrook: 69.8% white (2.6% black, 6.4.% Latino, 16% Asian), 8% low income; Shorewood: 67.4% white (11% black, 7.6% Latino, 9.7% Asian), 15.2% low income; Wauwatosa: 63.7% white (16.9% black, 7.2% Latino, 4.4% Asian), 24.3% low income; Cudahy: 62.1% white (9.5% black, 20.2% Latino, 1.6% Asian), 62.2% low income; and

WHEREAS, Our children’s future should not be determined by their zip codes; and
WHEREAS, We have a unique opportunity in Metropolitan Milwaukee, thanks to the demands of the “Black Lives Matter” movement to resist white supremacy and institutional racism and to enact equitable, pro-desegregation, and pro-reparation policies on a regional level; now therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the Milwaukee Board of School Directors call on community activists, elected officials and other stakeholders to work together and develop a regional plan to reduce school inequities and promote school desegregation throughout Metropolitan Milwaukee; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the chair and co-chair of the MPS Strategic Planning and Budget committee, with the assistance of the Office of Board Governance and the Office of Accountability and Efficiency, coordinate outreach and initial planning to come back to the Board for action on next steps during the September board cycle.
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Implementation and Assessment Plan
Recommendation: That the Board determine how it wishes to proceed with this item.
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Jill Kawala-(COSM) - Assistant Board Clerk
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Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Chief Officer