Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/14/2019 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 4. Action on a request to approve the MPS FY19 Head Start Federal Continuation Grant Application
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 1
Academic Achievement
Policy: Admin Policy 1.01 - Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs, and Goals
Attachments: Head Start Year Two Renewal Application
MPS Budget Narrative
File Attachment:
Budget Narrative 03.05.19.pdf
Head Start Year Two Renewal Application 03.05.19.pdf
Background: The existing five year non-competitive grant requires Head Start to provide annual updates. Each year, these progress monitored updates are reflected within a continuation grant that is submitted to the Office of Head Start.

In addition, this continuation grant requires per the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), the participation — through review, feedback, and approval — of the Milwaukee Public Schools Head Start Policy Council and Milwaukee Board of School Directors.

The Head Start federal grant application information was presented to and discussed and approved by the Policy Council on February 27, 2019.

The funded enrollment for federal MPS Head Start grant is 1370 students.

The FY19 Head Start federal continuation grant application was due March 1, 2019.
Fiscal Impact Statement: This does not authorize expenditures. The federal grant is expected to be in the amount of $8,974,184.00
Implementation and Assessment Plan Upon Board Approval
Recommendation: The Administration recommends that the Board approve the submission of the 2019-20 Head Start federal application.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Joandy Williams - Manager of Early Childhood/Head Start
Signed By:
Vickie Brown-Gurley - Interim Senior Director
Signed By:
Jeremiah Holiday - Interim Instructional Superintendent
Signed By:
Keith Posley, Ed.D. - Superintendent