Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 8/15/2019 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 1. Report with Possible Action on the Reaffirmation of Certain Administrative Policies
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Policy: BG 2.11 - District Policies: Development, Adoption, and Evaluation
Attachments: Administrative Policy 2.09, Loaned Executives
Administrative Policy 2.13, Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
Administrative Policy 4.02, Buildings and Grounds
Administrative Policy 5.03, Wireless Communications Facilities
Administrative Policy 7.42, Inter-Library Loan
File Attachment:
Background: Board Governance Policy 2.11, District Policies: Development, Adoption, and Evaluation, requires that each fifth year, the Board and its designee shall revisit all of its polcies, rules, and procedures to determine their coherance and appropriateness to the present mission of the district.

The following policies have been reviewed by the Administration, the Office of Accoutnatibility and Efficiency, and the Office of Board Governance:

Adm. Pol. 2.09, Loaned Executives
Adm. Pol. 2.13, Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
Adm. Pol. 4.02, Buildings and Grounds
Adm. Pol. 5.03, Wireless Communication Facilities
Adm. Pol. 7.42, Inter-Library Loan

After careful review, it has been determined that these policies continue to be relevant to the the present mission of the district and that they may be reaffirmed.
Fiscal Impact Statement: No fiscal impact.
Implementation and Assessment Plan Upon action by the Board, the Office of Board Governance will make and publish any modifications to these policies including the date of reaffirmation.
Recommendation: The Office of Board Governance recommends that the Board determine how it wishes to proceed relative to the reaffirmation of these policies.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Jillain Kawala - Board Policy Analyst
Signed By:
Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Chief Officer